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neck installation - drill holes

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Hi everybody,

i'm building my own electric guitar. I have some questions about neck installation, especialy for the drilling.

1- for the solid body, i have to drill the holes larger than the screws but how many?

2- for the neck it's the inverse, i have to drill holes (to avoid wood rupture) smaller than the screws but how many? 

Thank you for you answers.


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When I drill pilot holes for screws, I use a micrometer to measure the thickness of the inner part of the screw, then measure the outer diameter of the thread and choose a drill bit as close to the size as I can get to halfway between the two diameters. 

If you've got a good fitting neck pocket, it's so much easier to glue then neck in, a drop of wood glue is cheaper than screws, ferrules and a neck plate too.

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When I drill these I always use a graduated bit, it results in a much tighter grip in the middle of the neck and almost no grip at the body.

You really don't want the same size drill bit for the next side as the body side, because it can prevent the two from coupling well. You want the whole for the body side, about the same size as the threads. When you screw these together the neck will suck the body to it.

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place the neck plate on the back of the body... get it visually straight etc... mark the center of the holes...   drill them... DO NOT worry if they are not exactly evenly spaced on the back of the neck.. that doesn't mean squat.... you cannot see  them.. you CAN see that neck plate. get THAt straight.. Drill the holes through the body with a 3.16 inch bit... it's pretty much the "industry standard" 

After that.. I clamp the neck in the pocket.. take a 3/16 brad point drill. then stick it in the hole.. tap it lightly, the brad point will leave a mark on the heel of the neck... drill your 1/8th pilot hole,. and you can figure the rest...



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