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Mazo 1958


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If I'm not mistaken the black ice was just a couple led clippers no?  not 100% sure, it may be a transistor or ic w a feedback loop and clippers.  either way... the clipping is going to be inside that black box.  I think it's epoxy... and the clippers are probably the most likely place to get some variation.  assuming you could get to them you could wire in other clippers and swap between.  If it IS ic or tranny based you could probably find a gain setting resistor and swap in/out dif resistance.  I don't think there would be anything you could do with just the hookup leads.... wiring in a resistor to the in would just lower your overall signal (like a vol).  It's a passive device as I recall so you can't limit the power being supplied to it.  just some thoughts.  honestly... if you are handy with an iron... you could find a layout for an lbp1 online and wire that up in there... would be a lot more fun imo and you could mod it to death.

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