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my idea for a 36 fret guitar.......

ok so you have essentially a neck through right. except the there is only one wing glued to it. then the frets go pretty much through the body. and the neck thru part would be shaped like a neck. I guess the scale would have to be like 35 inches. It would go about 25.5 inches off of the body, and i guess 9.5 inches into the body would be fretted. Yes, this would mean the first few frets would be huge but why not... you could always just scallop them. And in the remaining few inches of the body why not just put in a single hum, and then a thin bridge or something. the cool part is that it would be actually easy to play the 36 frets.

this could be quite interesting but wouldnt intonation be really difficult.

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If you're concerned about how close the frets'd be in the higher register, here are some numbers:

For 35" scale, 36 frets:

Distance to fret 34: 30.089

Distance to fret 35: 30.365

Distance to fret 36: 30.625

(0.260" difference between 35th and 36th frets)

For 25.5" scale, 36 frets:

Distance to fret 34: 21.922

Distance to fret 35: 22.123

Distance to fret 36: 22.313

(0.190" difference between 35th and 36th frets)

and you'd have about 3" for a pickup.

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I think Steve Vai had a guitar with around 36 frets. Saw pics and description of it in a mag in the 80's. I guess I could see if I can find it, but maybe I'm just not THAT curious. I'm quite sure it was 25.5" scale. It was purple and I think it just had a bridge pickup .

Didn't Washburn also have a guitar with an insane amount of frets ?

I think the notes sound like crap after 22 frets. 24 is pushing it, tone-wise.

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Steve Vai did indeed have a Hamer Virtuoso guitar, which had 36 frets.

Washburn also made one, but I cannot recall the model.

They're just standard scale, not extended in any way.

You pretty much have to play with your nails instead of your fingertips when you get to the top...

But it sounds pretty cool.

Like stepping on a Whammy pedal, and kicking everything up one octave!


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