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What do you know about buffing machines?


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I'm getting to the point where I want to use a buffing wheel to buff my nitro finish, I can have a go at doing it by hand like I have on previous builds but going forwards, I want a machine to polish my guitars for me. But I'm struggling with a few things:

1. What is the smallest mop size I can get away with to polish a whole guitar (neck and body), clearance is a concern so the guitar doesn't run the risk of knocking into the motor, bench, wall etc.

2. What is the appropriate speed for buffing nitro? most of the entry level bench top machines I've seen are 2000+ rpm. Had a look at the stewmac machine and it quotes 715rpm being suitable for delicate finishes - I'm not going to be getting this one (although it looks ideal) £500 + a lot for shipping and I'll get hit with a lot of import duty.

3. If I was to buy a small 8" bench top buffer, what's the largest mop I could safely fit to it? Providing I can make clearance a non issue by mounting it on a plinth.

4. Am I barking up the wrong tree entirely? Are there other, better tools for this job?


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