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Building a 335 Bass from a kit-Pickup question

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I am building this kit https://thefretwire.com/collections/diy-bass-guitar-kits/products/diy-electric-bass-guitar-kit-semi-hollow-body-bass-build-your-own?page=2 

It is a retirement gift for a guy who works for me and is a bass player.  I am wondering about pickups and what would be a good econimical replacement for the stock ones that come with (I am assuming they are trash).  He tends to play ones that are "a little hot" but not too much.  Any suggestions??

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10 minutes ago, jaywelby34 said:

I am assuming they are trash

You won't know until you've tested them. Since you'll have to use the same shape to fit the cavities - unless you have the tools and skills needed to enlarge the cavities on a carved top - why not start with what you already have. For what I've noticed, the cheaper pickups also often are hotter than what they're resembling.

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16 minutes ago, jaywelby34 said:

the advice for a total noob

From another... The fourth one is on the process and after that I'm planning to do some serious reshaping to the previous ones.

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don't listen to him... he's a six stringer and they must not be trusted!!!  jk.  (hello Bizman)

I would just add that... I've found cheapies that sounded decent and cheapies that didn't... I think it depends more on the build than anything else and for the bad ones the general issue is with loss of high freq content which isn't going to be much of an issue on bass. 

that said... given they are humbuckers... you can buy some nice alnico bar mags on evilbay for $3ish and that can make a surprising difference.  it's sort of 'target practice while blind' but I've had decent luck doing that.  A2 seems to sound good everywhere to me.

Furthermore, with a hollow body and bass the more likely issue is going to be whether or not they are microphonic.  bass guitars, even clean, can really howl if they are not potted and/or if you don't put some foam under them in the guitar.  You may want to prepare for that.  You may also consider that replacing pickups in a hollowbody is NOT fun... at least it hasn't been for me.

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