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Router Jig


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As I do not have an edge guide for my router (one doesnt exist) and I cannot afford to buy or build a good router table for my workbench, I've devised this guide plan for routing truss rods.

The blocks inbetween the blank and the backwall will put the router collet directly in the middle of the neck.


My problem is this: It is going to be difficult to keep the handles parallel to the backwall, considering the power of the router. Any suggestions on how i might remedy this?

The backwall, would of course, be bolted to the table, and i would laterally clamp the blank to it, to avoid vibration movements.

EDIT: In theory the router base should be a perfect cirlce, if this is so, the rotation of the router around the collet shouldn't matter, right?

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Woodcraft and routerbits.com both sell universal lucite bases for routers. You can get square or round, pre drilled or not. I use a square one for my handheld to do straight routs and clamp a piece of aluminum angle stock on both sides of the rout..it seems to work pretty good so far. I found that with only one guide and the round base, I would have a tendency to drift. Hope this helps you some. Good luck!


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