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Floyd Rose question


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I just purchased this Jem. It is a Taiwan Squier Stagecaster manufactured maybe early 90s. The licenced Floyd Rose is ok but I plan to replace it with a higher quality Gotoh unit. When I open the back, the block is clearly stamped 37. However, when I measure, it is far shorter.  I took a photo (attached). As can be seen, the caliper measurement of a white cardboard cutout that represents the the vertical height of the block is about 32,5 mm. I am not a luthier but when I enlarge the photo, there also appears to be a shim underneath. Maybe I am misinterpreting what I am seeing.  Am I measuring incorrectly? When I order the Gotoh I will need to choose one of 3 block sizes. 40mm, 36mm or 33mm. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


floyd rose37.jpg

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