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Ibanez Vine Inlays?

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Some days ago I had the famous white Ibanez Vai JEM with the vine inlay in my hands. As I inspected the inlay close I realized that there are black lines between the inlays and the fingerboard wood surrounding it. It looks like some kind of filler, paint or glue used to hide that the routes for the inlays are not that tight. It even looks a little like the inlay is only a thin pearl "sticker" and not really inlayed. Does any one know how Ibanez does these inlays and if they are real? What do the black lines come from?

Thanks in advance,

Marcel Knapp!

P.s.: Is there any other good supplier for pre-cut inlays besides Custominlay

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The lines are the filler they use to do the inlays and hold the material in. Since everything is computer cut now you'll see that on just about every Jem neck, sadly they should be able to get the tolerances a whole lot closer but just like the infamous Universe 777 Abalone Pyramid inlay problem it will probably always be there since it is a production guitar.

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I thought about it again and I have to admit it is quite an achievement to do that bad inlays via CNC....B)


That's what I though a lot of times!

But it's better to talk about this in the web fun section...

Anyway, I saw a neck-through ibanez in a guitar store... I didn't knew they were making neck-through stuff...

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