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Mayones Regius Size

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Sup everyone,

Newbie to the forum here, so please give me shit if this has been discussed. 

Looking for a size on a Mayones Regius 6. I've got many scale photos, but still this guitar body seems very small? Or is it just me? 

If anyone can help with a total length of width of the guitar I would be forever greatful. Just before I ruin a great piece of timber. 

Thanks! W

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I didn't even know what it looks like before I googled for it...

However, Mayones gives some exact measurements for it which should help you to get into the ballpark:

Width at nut – 43 mm
Width XII fret – 53.5 mm
Width XXIV fret – 58.5 mm
Thickness I fret – 20.5 mm
Thickness XII fret – 21.5 mm

Scale 25.4″ (645mm)

Radius 16″ (406 mm)

So when you know the scale length you can compare that to the overall length, also there's excel sheets telling the length of each fret and the distance from the nut to a certain fret for smaller comparisons. Similarly you can compare the fret width with the body width. Just choose straight forward photos for your measurements.

Hope that helps.


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I took a straight on photo of a setius 6, used fret-2-find to create a fretboard of sm scale... scaled up the image till it matched the fretboard.  Not sure if setius is sm as regius but body is 12.657 at widest and 17.64 from bottom to tip of upper bout. 

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