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Carved Top

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Start carving away wood. Stop when you're done.


Yeah, what he said. :D:D

I love the little finger planes but they chew my fingers up. I have to tape up the digits every time I use them.

I pencil guide lines onto the body but I rely more on feel and look as I carve. I just take it off till I'm done. B)

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I've done a PRS-ish guitar. I never finished it because of neck joint problems, but when I arhced the body, used the drum of my bench top belt sander to rough out the arching, using drwn out lines as a guide, and then a rondom orbit sander, handheld, to smoothen and blend everything.



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Let's make sure I've got this right - I just chop off everthing that doesn't look like a PRS huh?

Wasn't it Michaelangelo (the painter/sculpter, not the wig-wearer) who, when asked how he did his stunning statues "It's already in the stone, I just hew away everything that surrounds it"? Perhaps it was somebody else, but I'm sure I remember that quote...

so long


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Was it really that unfixable? I think the guitar looks way to beautiful to not finish it.

Not really, but it just won't be good enough to sell, and that's what I'm focusing on doing with guitars/bass's I'm building right now. Maybe later I'll finish it, I still have it hiding under my bed.

I didn't take me too long to do the body, a few hours maybe, and that was my first and only archtop so far.

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