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Cannot edit my post in GOT

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I posted a guitar in GOT of November but I see other people post more than one image. It seems I can't further edit my post to add image. The size was very limiting that's was I posted just one image, just wonder how other people manage to put more than one image...?


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The ability to edit your own post doesn't become available to you until you've achieved a certain number of posts (off the top of my head, maybe 10?).

Send me a PM and I'll get things fixed up for you.

You should be able to add as many pictures to a single post as you like. Just keep on attaching the pictures in the 'reply' box and they appear as a list of thumbnails which you can insert into your post:


You can even just copy/paste (CTRL-C/CTRL-V) the image directly into the text window of your reply and the forum will automagically insert the picture where your cursor is and handle all the attaching for you.

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