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neck pocket depth

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Yes and no.

It depends on how deep your neck is at the heel.

You'd need to base the neck pocket depth off of how deep your neck is. Though, you wouldn't have to be EXACT because it is much easier to shallow up the heel than it is to reroute another few mm's off the neck pocket.

What you'd be looking for is the height of the the fretboard above the body once the neck is placed. I don't know how much higher you would want it to be. I suppose if at the lowest setting your bridge is 15mm, you woulndt want the fretboard to be any higher than say 13 or 14 (thats just how I would do it, wait for mastermind opinions of guys like lex, wes, drak, blah blah, theres a thousand of em. DONT ACT UNTIL THERES MORE RESPONSE).

You can always raise the bridge height to adjust your action a little. This only works to a certain extent, as raising it to much will change the angle of tension on the headstock, and it could potentially cause problems.

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bridge type would help alot, pics are always fun, if the bridge is 15mm ( the indent in the saddle where the sting sits) then it sounds to be like you're going to be angeling the neck.. cause a fingerboard is usualy only 6-9mm above the face of the guitar, if you're going flat you're going to need about 14-14.5

anyone know of any angle back calculation sheets? like there was one the other day for fingerboard width.. kinda would be nice to have one in the.. i guesss tutorial section we could refer everyone too

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alot of it depends on the neck angle you want as far as the depth you need...it looks really good when you completely bury the neck heel(only the fretboard is proud of the top) and just angle the pocket from there to get the needed string height at bridge

i am guessing this is a t.o.m. because of the extreme height of the bridge....you really need to either angle the neck or recess the bridge because otherwise the neck pocket will be too shallow to support the neck in a stable manner imo

unless you make a thicker neck heel...which might look strange

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hi all right sorry i obv didnt give enough details b4 its a schaller 571 bridge i think basically its a combonation bridge n it did require 3 degrees neck angle. because this is my first time i made the decision/possible error of making a 3 degree slant on the but of the neck the neck at its deepest point of the butt is 25mm aprox and 22mm aprox at the shallow point of the butt thos measure ments are from the butt to the top of the finger board ... if this is enough information plse help!!! lol im gettin worried now. :D

thnx n rgds

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