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Lumberjack’s first build on Project Guitar

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13 hours ago, Andyjr1515 said:

You get a great view of the finish in a live clip like this - and it looks REALLY good.

Nice fingerwork too 😉

Thanks!  And yes, sometimes I feel like the finish (regardless of how clear) can somewhat muffle the "activity" of the wood's figure in light, but this one seemed to turn out well.  


6 hours ago, ScottR said:

Good stuff. How's the strap button on the back of the horn working for you?

I had to do that once too.


I was actually somewhat worried it would be a difference I didn't like, but I find myself enjoying it.  Something about the position of the fretboard relative to the torso is quite comfy this way.  I've been sitting in the classical position to practice lately, and it feels a bit more like that when standing.  

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On 3/29/2020 at 12:14 AM, Muzz said:

Always great to see and hear a guitar getting played at the end of a build and that one sounds fantastic 


On 3/30/2020 at 10:14 AM, 10pizza said:

Just caught up with this thread, awesome read, build and axe! wish I had built it 😉

sounding great too. congrats!


Thanks guys, very encouraging to hear!

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