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Dremel Bits...


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Dremel has a cataloge (sp?) that you can order direct from. The prices are slightly cheaper than the hardware stores around me. I obtained my cataloge by going to the store and looking at a new dremel and the sales guy just gave it to me. I don't know if you can get them online though.

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With what dentists charge these days I make sure I get a little extra out of them. My last trip to the dentist yielded about 200 bits all different types, shapes and sizes. Like Brian mentioned, good for inlay work etc., but thats about all I use my dremel for anyway.

These were the "carving" attatchments not straight-cut, right? What kinds of bits do you guys use for inlay. A picture would probably help if you can scrape one up.



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hey eddie

just go to bunnings warehouse in the power tools section. well where i am, they have literally hundered of dremel bits. and yes they are quite expensive, around $20-$50 but you get what you pay for. i have used dremelesque parts and they are nowhere near as good as the genuine article - they wear and tear like a MF. besides router bits cost a lot too, and if you use them right they last for years.

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