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I made an awl


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Thought I'd share this here as well since the original forum no longer exists.

So... My ex-wannabe-son-in-law wanted to go to a luthiery school and I had been watching the early Crimson videos where Ben had an awl named Jessica. One day as I was in my wood shed I noticed a featherless dart lying around - the type that's very common here. The plastic tail is screwed in so I thought I'd try if a regular screw would fit and found one, only of the wrong size. So off to the hardware store to buy one single bolt with a square part below the cap. A wooden handle is a must so I chose a piece of alder from the pile of firewood, drilled a hole through it and after some carving with a knife lathed it using my hand drill! Some oil and voilà!



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1 hour ago, ScottR said:

And that's another fine mess you've gotten us into Awlie....

And a fine awl it is too.

Might this be considered a non guitar build, Andrew?


dang it awl... I swear I did not intend to start this hootenanny.  I feel awlful.  Just another brick in the wawl I spose.

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