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convert strat to rear routed

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i got a basswood strato S-pool routed and was wondering the best method to convert it to rear routed and hardtail, is pretty the same like the fr to ht tutorial, i got some questions

i got spare pieces of beech wood, is a good election to fill??

some friend suggested me to put a top piece in the guitar, it can result fine with basswood?

the internal routings are bad ones so blocks of wood dont fill fine, whats best, use shims of some other wood or re-rout?

im open to sintetic materials and cheap ones, i have 1 mm aluminium sheets that i can use

i will install a humbucker in bridge and maybe a rail pickup in neck, the guitar is going to be use to trash and death metal so the tone is not fundamental in this one

and thanks for the sustainer scheme¡¡ i im going to do it in this one!

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Wouldn't it be alot easier to just add a top instead?

A 1/8" top wouldn't change things too much.

You'll get nice clean pu routes in the top, so the previous route make no difference.

Of course, the trem route has to be filled to hold the new bridge securely.

It sounds like alot of work to fill all the routes with wood...

You would probably have to re-route them first, to clean them up.

(You did mention that they were pretty crappy...)

But what do I know......

Not much, that's for sure!


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