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 Very nice!  My wife usually likes my DIY projects, but when only one of them turns out not as good as expected then the phrase ‘should have got a professional’ can be occasionally heard 😉

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i look at that and think... man... doing a white guitar was insane as I kept collecting fuzzies... I can't imagine a whole white cabinet!  Looks very nice - you did a great job.  that top is clearly one solit piece 2" thick?  massive.  beautiful.  bet yer fingers were soar sanding out those coves.

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Thanks guys.

On a completely different note...

Built my second beetleweight (3 pound) combat robot and competed with it at a local competition this past summer. It's a lifter named 'Vrepit Sa' (from Voltron). I hand made all the parts. The chassis, motor mounts, self righting arm, struts, etc, etc, are made out of 6061 aluminum of several thicknesses. The lifting fork is 1/8" thick mild steel. The wedge is 2mm grade 5 titanium. The plastic parts are UHMW.

Finished 3rd in the competition losing to the eventual champion in the semi finals.



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Lovely piece of work, my mrs would love that (the island that is, not the robot) but alas our kitchen is about the size of your island. So moving somewhere bigger is close on the agenda, something that will no doubt be increasing my build times too. 

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And once again, something completely different. I purchased a Harry Potter wand at Universal Studios some years ago, and thought it would be cool to make a display stand for it. If you're familiar with the movies, I went with a sort of creepy 'Borgin & Burkes' vibe. It was the most extensive wood carving I've done outside of an instrument, and it was a blast! Not a lot of thinking and measuring, just get after the wood until it looks like something cool!

It's three pieces of walnut glued up, finished with a couple of coats of danish oil, and then a black glaze to give it a more weathered and antique look.


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2 hours ago, mattharris75 said:

It was the most extensive wood carving I've done outside of an instrument, and it was a blast! Not a lot of thinking and measuring, just get after the wood until it looks like something cool!



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A bunch more non-instrument related projects that have taken up my time this year. Here are a handful.

The big one was a master bathroom renovation. New plumbing fixtures, new light fixtures, new mirrors, painted cabinets and walls, etc, etc. But the big thing was the new vanity cabinet I built with custom gothic mullion inlays. There's also a matching cabinet in the water closet room over the toilet. It's rare when a project actually turns out pretty much exactly as you expect it to, but this one did. 



You can see in the reflection of the left mirror the towel rack I made as well. It's made of a piece of the figured walnut out of the big stash I managed to score for free a few years ago. A simple project, but man that walnut is 'purdy'!



Also, my kids started getting into Harry Potter so hey, it's time to learn a little bit about lathes and turn a few wands for them! Walnut and walnut + figured maple (more free wood from a cabinet maker buddy of mine). 



And finally, we had a robot combat competition here in town last month, so I decided to throw together a bot in just a few weeks time. Mostly with stuff I had on hand. This one is an 'antweight' (1 pound) named 'Gus Gus'. I finished 3rd in the competition, and if not for catching my plow on the chewed up floor I probably would have won the whole thing. Had a blast competing too! That's grade 5 titanium that's all bent up like that. It's impressive the amount of power that some of these little guys have!


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