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Duo-Sonic to Mustang conversion...

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I've got a reissue Duo-Sonic that I bought before they started to reissue the Mustangs (which IMO look retarded with the racing stripe!). If I get a mustang pickguard and the right switches would I be able to make the conversion? I know the 'Stang has a trem bridge but I'd prolley stick with the hard-tail I've got. I've heard of doing Musicmaster to Duo-Sonic conversions (basically slapping in another pickup and a switch) but never Duo-Sonic to Mustang.


Some Mustangs...


A Duo-Sonic like mine...

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Man... I can't help you there.

But I'm getting nostalgic. I used to have a Duo-Sonic exactly like that before I Modded it(cough cough cough Destroyed it! cough cough).

If only there was a "Project Guitar" when I was 17!! haha

(She's just not "finished" yet! heh)

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The thing I'd wonder about would be if the routing on the Duosonic would provide sufficent room for the Mustang selector/phasing switches. It doesn't look like it would but I didn't want to take the time to pop up pickguard on mine to see. It isn't a mod I'd consider for myself though. When I've tried out Mustangs I've hated the positioning of the switches and I didn't hear a lot of difference in the phasing sound.

One mod I've thought about doing is to go with a pair of concentric pots so that I can control tone and volume separately on each pickup and get a blending effect. I've got to replace the pickguard on mine so I've been considering various mods for a while now. My Duosonic

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I'd definetly have to do a little routing for the sliding switches, but that's pretty much expected. I just don't wanna have to buy a 'Stang pickguard in order to see if it would fit. Anyone know if there is any real difference between a Mustang and a Duo-Sonic II (besides the Mustangs having rosewood fingerboards)? Maybe the bridge...


Duo-Sonic II in the middle

Maybe I'd really be making a Duo II....

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