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CNC por Spanish flamenco guitar parts?


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11 hours ago, curtisa said:

Yes, the 'A' axis is normally the rotary axis.

I think when @MiKro said 'poor rotary' he was more referring to devising ways of holding the work statically on an angle and machining it in increments of 45 degrees (or 22.5 degrees, or 10 degrees etc), rather than on a mechanised continuously variable rotary spindle like in your video, above.



Thank you @curtisa, that is exactly what I was refering to.


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I do not have any links to show this. Sorry. :) The best I can lead you to is the same process as flipping the body to do the back. That would represent 180* so if wanting to do 90* increments then it would be on each side as well. In the case of a body that is not possible due to the limited Z height. Where as something like the heel of the neck could be done.


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ok, sound to me like the same ideas I posted before, quote myself


For example, even with the 6.5mm or 7.5 limit, I think that could be done with some tricks, I think,, example, like Mikro suggest using a rotary for the heel, placing the wood piece sideway, could be carved on one side, then the other, other idea I had was, making a special socket on the waste board, to placing the wood side that will be the front of the heel looking up to the machine. (don´t know if should be a botched way to make a hole on the wasteboard to gain space below it..),

 On the head and neck (that found must be glued before carved), 7..5 should be in theory s ok, I mean, if trace a imaginary line from the top of the head, parallel to the other side of the neck is around 7mm, if place it with the fret side looking to the wasteboard I could make the found zone of the neck, not sure if this machines (X-Carve) shoud continue working on the head angled upwards..., if no should need to make separate works, so fist caver the neck round side, then clamp the head, and carve the head only (even with the neck glued on two diferent passes, but all this seems quite complicated

I think saying the same, but my explanation was more confused?  This was my first ideas, put on side is the most evident.

 An issue I was guessing, is that I found I should need to cut and glue neck and head before carving.., so what I should need to carve should have the fretboard/head angle, puttin the fretboard side down is not problem, but fretboard side up I should get a obvious problem.

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Have found a video, 3 years old,  it was an project for selling CNC for this .., no actual info or web, , but there are a pair of videos, one for the entire neck, in two sided passes and one to the head on another clampled position, . That should work for me

Standard wood pieces for necks are sold at 8.5mm width, so when put on the side position should be the height Z axis, , so X-Carve and Shapeoko can´t do that for the height limit (unless make a custom hole on the wasteboard, the should must be clampled below, that seems quite more complicated then using the 6090 with enough height .

And for similar prices, seems just should need to get used to the Mash3 to configure the 6090,  things now approach of what I had in mind on the below video example,   just my doubt now..., how do I know the 6090 excursion limit?  I mean, if you look at the end of the video, when carving the head, it clamps the head it on a side of the machine so the head-neck angle is near the end of the machine so the neck go down out of the machine (free space), but the machine must can allow that, or modify the board. Below the video you can see what I mean



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