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Active circuit board


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yes this ground would not need to be connected to the bridge ground only the output jack. of course in theory its always good to ground the bridge through a resistor.. preferably highvoltage.

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that won't really be for sure until you actually get it in there.. i woudl personally shield it myself though

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My guess would be yes.

Any type of active circuit usually involves boosting the original signal, which in turn means boosting the noise along with it.

Personally I would not use an active circuit of any kind unless I could shield the living crap out of it.

Most of my guitars use the EMG Afterburner pre-amp, and they use noiseless pkps and -top-notch- shielding at all times in all areas. You get really tremendous performance that way. You get all the good stuff about the active system, and NO noise.

If it were me, with a hollowbody, I wouldn't do it unless I found a way to make some kind of shielding system for it.

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Not to say it couldn't be done, just need to be a bit creative with the shielding.

Is this an 'f-hole and pickup cavity only' entry type of guitar, or is there a rear control plate for access?

I wouldn't look at it as a problem, but more like a challenge. :D

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