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Paint Question, help please.

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Wondering what method and materials are suggested to create these "screens" I am reading about for doing a recreation of a Sandoval Randy Rhoads POLKA DOT V (White dots on Black body) project guitar. I am totally clueless as to how to generate the symmatry of the pattern, so that the dispersion pattern of the dots is exact. Can a sign shop do this for me? and what should I use for the screens? Frisket paper? Silk screen mesh? Please help,... Thank you,... Jimmy K.

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Brian and Scott, thanks so much for the information! This project has been at a stand still while trying to figure out how to do this paint sceme correctly. Also Scott, I will email you the specifications on the lay out of the dot matrix as soon as I have double checked my calculations against my templates, thank you. Really glad I found this site, and I am looking forward to posting pics of projects of various recreations in the future. Jimmy K. :D

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