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hyunsu's guitar making..

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today.. i buy new woods.

when next week my wood is arrived. i will upload new woods photo..

framed maple.. and walnut

and i get figured veneer and zircote

veneer use in my new mahogany neck head.

and zirocote ( it it my teachers broken Classic guitar back Meterial ) use in my 3th guitar's pickguide..

i will remove finish & sending & new finish..




my 3th guitar's mistake is rearpickup position..

so i route new position.. T_T

so my 3th guitar is not good condition.. so i cover it with pickguide.. ^^

have nice weekend..

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prev week.. i buy wood

and my teacher buy this wood..

i dont see this wood before wood cutting.



this wood is total enable 18 Classic guitar side & back.. ^^

my teacher say. . It's a steal. ^^

i dont see when this maple is log..

when making guitar. i love wood so much..

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hi .. sexy Lex Luthier ^^

i use finish NC Lacquer.

i think NC Lacquer finish is good to neck.. but not good on body..

NC Lacquer is not stronng.. but smooth..

next time i will finish neck on NC Lacquer.

but body finish is not decide...

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my new guitar body wood.


it is cedro. look like mahogany.. more light than mahogany.

it is neck blank. but in my local area, mohogany not sales.

so laminated neck blank to use body.. ^^

and red oak insert center..


9 board is framed maple (7 board is top or neck size 2board is solid body size)

and another is ash & walnut.

have nice day..

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i get my new wood..

this wood is get by my teacher..


this size is enable LP top..

thick is thin.. 7mm and send.. ending thick will 5mm


this wood is my new top or body wood.

yet need some dry.. thick is min 10mm ~ 45mm..

total 9 board..


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thank AlexVDL.

but i think that is not enable..

because of shipping cost will more expensive than wood..

so it it no good..

my teacher buy cocobolo $120 but Shipping cost & Tax is $120..

in USA, Canada that is no problem. but other nation is problem with shipping cost & Tax.

and my wood is not korea Maple..

this is Canada Maple.

my customer buy it canada or USA,

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thank you..


this is my new guitar project 4th guitar.

soon this project is end nextweek?

and next time i will make 19pc cedro body.

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  • 2 weeks later...

my new maple wood's pic.

total 9 board & defual enable 1pc guitar top..

thick is 15mm ~ 20mm, 2700mm length, 500mm width

need dry..

now i seek my new woking room.. and i will rent my working room.

this week or next month.

so my new guitar project is delayed..

my new maple board pic

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thank you.

guitar making is not my living.. but my dream.. ^^

and i practice guitar making.. fo my dream.

so i buy wood.

now my current big issue is get my working room.

because of current woking room is not enable guitar making.. my neighborhood dislike guitar maikng ear-splitting noise,

(bandsaw, router, jigsaw, fretting, sawing ),

in korea seoul. allmost house dont have garden, ^^

so house & house

so i find my new woking room..

soon i will rent my new working room ^^

so i dont make my new project.. and not upload pic..

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yesterday i make strat neck template.

template is maple neck blank..

use knife, bandsaw, planner,

and ended making template. i make strat neck use bandsaw & router.

it it more easy.. ^^

but i think use template is easy to make strat head.. but router is no need to make neck stright..

use spokeshave is more easy to neck stright ..








i have new my working room..

i work after officejob is ended, or weekend full time..

i'am happy to get my new woking room.

monthly rent payment is $250..

my 4th guitar project is wait for arrial dot inay.. so.. i practice strat neck .. use making template..

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