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Worth it or not.....?

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Okay.. I have no experience with building/repairing acoustic.. but.. here's the story:

My first guitar was an old Yamaha Nippon Gakki (MIJ) FG-140. This thing has beautiful solid (not ply) Mahogany back, sides, and neck. It also once had a (ply) Spruce top. However... well.. it had an accident and the top ended up with two soundholes... if ya know what I mean. It needs new tuners, and a new nut. The bridge is long gone as well. Would this be a good first project? Replacing the top with an a high grade Spruce top and some binding? I do believe it would sound amazing with a good top. It used to sound fantastic.. even with the ply top.

So, if this is something I could do with hardly any experience, and if it'd be affordable.. what tools would I need? I'd really like to refinish it and change the black binding with Stew-Mac's tortise coloured.

Also, how much would this cost to have done? Or maybe just a pre-cut high grade top with the rosset channels and soundhole cut? I think I could handle the bracing and binding.. but.. again.. I'm not exactly sure how hard it is. Tutorials always seem to make everything simple.. because obviously the person writing them has had much experience. heh.

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Hmm.. no one? Just a "yes, it'd be a good affordable project".. or.. "No, it's a waste." or... anything really. heh.

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I think it would be great practice material. Especially the top, I know your going to need something on the lines of the same kind of tools needed to remove a fret board when it comes time to lift and seperate but this is really journeying into an area I've never been.

You will find some very usefull tutorials on the subject at Frets.com :D

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