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fretboard slots

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when i glued the binding on my fretboard i had some glue seep in to the fret slots....how do i get it out?

I had that happen and believe it or not ,I used a coarse piece of emery cloth,like the plumbers type,80 grit,and used the edge like a bandsaw blade and slowly sanded through it and cleaned it up with an exacto saw.It was about .020 I think.

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If you have a small enough dental type dremel bit, it's good to get most of it out. It will also soften it, to make it easier to pick it out with the StewMac fret-slot cleaner or #11 exacto blade. You'll need to pop hardened glue off the dremel bit often.

You should also either buy or make one of those short fret-slot saws that will work on a bound neck. You can make one out of an X-acto key-hole saw-blade, Just cut a 3/8" piece off and mount it to some kind of handle. That's what I did

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Get an exacto blade and a torch. Maybe fasten the blade to some kind of non-flamable handle if you need to, or just get a metal bodied excato. Heat the blade up and kind rock the blade into the slot, you'll here the glue melt. Heat will terminate any glue joint

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