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What do you use to shape necks?

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Alot of people say they use rasps and files and sandpaper by hand. Why? I've been building my first few parctice necks recently, and well I've found that my dremel, and the little drum sander thingy work exceedingly well. I shaped a neck in like 10 minutes + 10 more minutes to finish up by hand with files and sandpaper.

How long does it take everyone else?

Sorry if this is better put in tools/shop talk... but i figured that this is more about building the neck rather than about the tools themselves.

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Did you say in an earlier post that your practice necks were going to be made of pine? With harder wood I'm sure your method would take much longer. I don't know how long it takes me to shape a neck. I start it w/o a clock check and don't always finish it in one session. It takes as long as it takes until I'm happy with it. And a mahogany neck will go much quicker than a rock maple neck.

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yea they are pine. So it probably would take longer but not by much. Maybe an extra 10 minutes.

I see where you're coming from goat, I might take too much away. But I'm pretty careful, i don't dig it in, i just skim it across the surface, taking little by little, but alot more than i could get with a rasp. I only use this for getting up to a cm or so close to where i want to be, and the rest is by hand...

But you're right, when i make my first maple neck, I'll probably get withing 2 cm of where i want it, just in case.

Anyone else got any opinions on this?

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Within one centimetre? Damn, when my neck's within a centimetre of final shape it's still practically square! I think you'll find a world of difference btween shaping softwoods and hardwoods, and your dremel will have a much tougher time on maple. I really don't see any abrasive on a tiny dremel sanding drum competing with a big old rasp or spokeshave for quick stock removal...

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i use knife & spokensave when making neck..


this knife material is files



in pic's center korea spokensave. i use it..


use wood bluck , wrap sendpaper, 40 or 80 , 120 or 180, 320 sendpaper use..

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