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EMG P-J set!


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Yesterday I bought an EMG-PJ set for my (soon to be built) bass. It comes prewired for Vol-Vol-Tone, but I want to mix things up a bit. One idea I've been toying with is master volume, blend, master tone. Any wiring advice, either how to do this or how to do something else that would allow for more versatile tone?


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EMG sez: use 25K pots and a .1 uf cap for the tone control - they sell a dual-gang blend pot, and you simply hook up the output of the blend pot to a standard volume/tone setup. From their pricelist:

BAL Balance Dual Gang, Balance Pot, Solid Shaft 25K

Ohm Linear Taper ............................................... 14.00

<edit> or you could use their BTS system, and have bass/treble controls on a concentric pot.

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The battery hooks up between the red pickup wire and the braided shield. This link probably explains it better than I can, but here goes. Each pickup should have 3 wires - a red wire, a white wire and a braided shield. Hook the white wire to the correct side of the blend pot (as shown in the guitarelectronics diagram), the red wire to the positive (red) wire on the battery connector, and the shield (braided wire) to your signal ground point (probably on the back of the volume pot), and connect the negative (black) wire on the battery connector to the ring terminal on your output jack. Hook up the battery, power up and wail. :D

Oh, yeah, don't forget to disconnect the wire running to the bridge (you won't need it, and disconnecting it minimizes the risk of getting electrocuted if you have a house current mishap.).

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