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new router planer... and a couple tempalates for basses...

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so took some time off and had 4 consecutive days off this weekend and pretty much squandered it on video games and movies but... also did this (below).

so my current planing jig is great, but it's not long enough to do a neck thru.  I know I could build a platform for my auto planer but I get so much use out of this jig and wanted to improve on it.  so, got two 1" x 1" x 4' steel square tubes @ 1/8" thick steel.  I had a little bend in my old one so thought I was over-building this... but as it turns out... over 4'... with light pressure you can get it to bend 1/16" and with max pressure 1/4"... so had to add to t-nuts in the middle where I'll level using t-nuts/and 5/16 bolts.

all in all pretty happy as the oak router plane is rigid as all get out. 

below is/was my plan.  still have to build a few pivot clamps but got all the t nuts glued in and in between the 3/4" mdf substrate and 3/4" pine frame.  Pretty light overall considering.

the design:


the finished jig (almost finished - still have to make clamps and a cutout for headstock)DSCN4117.thumb.JPG.8bfa0d775ee40b80dea227c71fc639fa.JPG

and started work on templates for some basses...  gonna b a neck thru 4 string 33" scale and a 5 string 35" scale fretless.  lots of challenges here including a compound radius top/back on the 4 string (and perhaps the 5) and a two piezo ribbon pickups... one of wich I plan to hide in the heel of the neck of the 5.  the purpleheart in behind everything is for the 5... and a 4 piece lam seperated by brazillian rosewood lam in front of that... and my wings for the neck thru in the very front.  will start a build thread on them when I get more going on...



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Just now, ScottR said:

Nice sled and a really tasty piece of maple you've got there.


thank you sir.  believe it or not I got that as 8/4 soft maple from a lumber yard.  the figure was well covered up... but thought for the price I couldn't go wrong... boy was that lucky! 

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