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Sanding Down a Guitar's Finish


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Hey there, all... I'm new. :D This looks like a cool site.

Ah, so... I'm 14, a guitarist of 6 years, i own 7 guitars... (one of which is my prized Gibson ZW LP model B) )

I just got a new guitar off e-bay for about 150 bucks, its a Vantage, 118T model. Its real nice, its got a maple neck and everything, HSS pickup configuration, black finish.

But I was kind of interested in removing the finish down to a natural wood tone. I heard that this can be achieved by taking off the paint with real fine sandpaper, like... 400 grit or something, and then oiling it.

Have any of you ever done this? Hope you all can help, and... thanks in advance. Any insight will be GREATLY appreciated :D I wouldnt wanna' mess something up.

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i reccomend leaving the finish on the neck...oil finishes are not as protective from moisture and necks are vulnerable

but if you want to oil the body use tung oil...it is a better moisture barrier than other oil finishes...if what you want is just a clear finish you could use tru oil(which is a hard finish,unlike the other oil finishes) or clear nitro or polyeurethane

as far as removing the finish 400 grit is really to fine for that...but i reccomend if you have $20 to spend get a heat gun and use it to remove the finish

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It sounds like the guitar that I'm working on at the minute. Black Vantage, Maple neck, Black headstock, HSS, Strat copy.

Mine's plywood, so it needs to be finished in a solid colour. I'm not sure of what model mine is but it's one of the cheapest. Plays wicked though and the fit and finish is all good. Hopefully yours is solid wood but be carefull. Maybee sand down a bit that can't be seen first to check.

I'd listen to Wes about the heat gun, mine took two evenings and a lot of sandpaper to get stripped. :D

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