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Update on strat project

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got home on friday and lo and behold there was a large triangular parcel waiting for me. lo and behold it was the body and neck id bought off ebay so needeless to say i was quite chuffed

checked it over, neck fits nicelly, scale length is spot on so its all good, the body is just a random strat clone, dont think its a real one but it is alder so there isnt really much difference

the neck isnt strat, the logo says Jim Deacon i think, heres a pic headstocklogo.jpg

its a nice neck, suprisinglly fast and so im not gonna change anything on it, except the headstock which im gonna be sanding the current logo off an refinishing

nehu, yesterday (sunday) before g/f came round i decided to get to work stripping at least some of the paint off it before i came back to school. decided to use a paint gun a scraper and a wire brush, all went fairlly well, i took a bit of a chip out of it on the end of the tummy cut by the horn but that'll sand out fine. i also managed to get the scraper i was using stuck in a small crack and widend it a bit tho its in an area im planning ot route out to put the fuzz face into.

only problem i have now is that when i was using the paint gun i managed to breathe in the fumes a bit tomuch and so now have a cracking headache lol. just perfect for sitting through lessons with lol

ill try to get some pics up once ive fully stripped the body, under the black coat there was a clear coat which i assume was to seal the body. im gonna be taking that off and going back to the bare wood just so i can go about properlly finishing everything.

nehu, keep a watch everybody, i hope to have the painting done some time in the next 2 to 3 weeks. things are looking pretty good

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Jim deacon guitars are down my local shop, im afraid to say they are quite cheap. something like £110 for guitar/strap/lead/amp package. but if it plays nice dont worry about it :D. Id be seriously wondering about the quality of the body wood though, do you know how many peices its made of?

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the body looks to be pretty good quality wood. after i stripped the coat of black paint off it i used some sand paper to clean it up so i could see the wood underneath and its definatelly not chip board or anything else poor. it may not be high quality but its good enough for a first project.

im not really worried too much about it being a cheapish neck. like you said, if it plays well then there aint really much of a problem. this project is basically just for me to learn and just so long as i end up with a playable guitar at the end of it im not complaining

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