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Covering a guitar with Papier-mâché

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Hello! I am new to this forum and hope that I found the right category.

To keep things short, I have a cheap, pretty scratched acoustic guitar that I use for playing at home and ocasional concerts. I like doing diy projects and wanted to give it a new look, by covering it with newspapers using Papier-mâché technique and later painting it.

My question is : how will the sound change? i obviously have no problem should it sound the same or better, but I fear that it could sound bad, sunk or stifled. Has anyone else tried doing this or something similar? Maybe found some articles that I didn't? 

Any idea is appreciated, thanks!

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A guy used to spend his summers playing on a street corner with a cheap classical guitar covered with plastic stickers. Talking to him a couple of times gave me the impression that he was a semi-professional musician with trained ears to hear any impurity!

Supposedly you're not going to add too much thickness to the material. A glue drying hard like Titebond original may be preferred for not damping the sound. Lacquer might work equally good.

If you're going to hide the paper under a layer of paint, why not just fill the scratches, sand level and paint?

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