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Neck through Flying V style build

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4 hours ago, ScottR said:

You snuck in some glamour shots while I wasn't looking! This came out very nice indeed. I particularly like the look from below with the wings all spread and the different levels on display.

You even captured some trees including a tiny one. I used to catch a bonsai every now and then myself.

Very well done!


Thanks Scott, very much appreciated! 

I am really happy with how it has come out and glad the shapes worked. Have to agree the pic looking up the body with the angles of the wings is my favourite part. I keep looking at it and thinking 'did I really do this?' 

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It's a very cool feeling that hits when considering that you've brought the idea in your head out into realisation. It's pretty much why I do anything. Shaping one's environment to match the things in your head, proving a concept or simply making something become real and physical. Congrats! 

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1 hour ago, JayT said:

Turned out awesome! Great job from soup top nuts, looks like it'd be fun to play too

Thanks Jay. 

Bob really enjoyed playing it, he warmed up by playing some Steve Vai songs on it, pity I wasn't recording at the time... 

He said the neck profile was very close to his PRS, slightly thinner if anything and the neck width was spot on. Also he was very impressed with the intonation and string height, said it made it very easy to play with just a light touch. 

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