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New tools, new (old) wood :)

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So we got this earlier this week. A chap my dad knows sadly lost his dad last year and was clearing out his workshop. Apparently he was a joiner and bought this in 2002 when he retired for £3000 with all the extras,  but sadly developed Alzheimer's shortly after so it's been sat gathering dust and rust for years. I was a bit dubious because it requires a lot of floor space, so my dad suggested we go halves and stick it in his workshop. "You'll inherit it when I'm pushing up daisys anyway" were his words. So he stripped it all dow, cleaned and oiled all the components and bought it back to it's former glory.

I had first go with this flat sawn curly neck blank, it was badly twisted and bowed so probably not the easiest piece to try out, but the planer works amazingly well, 18 year old plane blades didn't cause any tear out on flamed maple! So I got it all squared off and ripped it down the middle on it's table saw (it's a planer thicknesser, table saw and spindle moulder, each with their own didicated motors) to make a 2 piece quarter sawn neck blank :)

While I was doing all that, my dad started banging on about their antique mahogany bed that he restored before my brother and I were born, then walked off and and came back with 4 great big mahogany legs that he's been keeping quiet about! Reckons they've been air drying in his lumber pile (lumber pile that I wasn't told about either) for 40 years, so I came away with 4 free and perfectly quarter sawn genuine mahogany neck blanks :D it's funny how even after all the years, your parents always come up with occasional ways to surprise you.

Anyway, A D Finlayson Guitars has just expanded into a second workshop 3 miles from HQ and Dad has been promoted to Rough mill operative which should speed up my builds a bit. I'm planning to get a .5mm blade so that I can use it to cut fret slots.


Here are a couple of the mahog blanks


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