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PRS Hybrid build for a friend

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9 hours ago, komodo said:

Also - sick neck! How was the carbon to work with in neck shaping? I can’t even imagine.

Getting a nice straight line took a while because ofcourse I couldn’t just run a router across it against a template 😄  Carving the back with the angle grinder did the job nicely, horrendous amount of dust though so I did that part outside.  I actually liked working with it because it’s very predictable, no tear outs and other issues that I have experienced with wood.  Will probably get a decal, thanks for the suggestions 😎

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On 6/17/2020 at 10:24 AM, ShatnersBassoon said:

It’s a Phoenix...that mythological bird. I think it looks damn cool

All I see is... C15715B0-28AE-49C6-856C-2D7FAA0D91D1.jpeg.09a2d9ca6aa79cd65b5fc89211be4a2f.jpeg

...which isn’t a bad thing 😆

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