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Neck Thickness

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I'm getting to that point where I'm going to glue on my fretboard pretty soon and start shaping the back of the neck. I'm using a traditional truss rod and I'm building a 7string neck with a maple fretboard and 4-ply maple neck for added strength.

Now, how thick does the neck have to be? I know wizard necks are 17mm at the 1st fret and 20mm at the 12th fret. Is that too narrow for a 7 string? I see most 7 string necks with 19mm/21mm necks. Can I make it as thin as a wizard neck? Is one or two mm's going to make that much of difference in strength?


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it depends in part ont the truss rod you used. the stew mac rods can't have a neck thinner then 21mm the other kinds of rods can go down to 17mm but on a 7 string that's kinda pushing your luck in terms of stability

just make sure there's at least 1/8" of wood MINIMUM on the top and bottom (fingerboard and back of neck) of the truss rod,


i went with 21.5 at fret1 and 22.5 at 12, and it feels plenty flat and thin..

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