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A client sent us his seagull guitar to retrofit, he heard about our intonation improvements and wanted to try it on his instrument. Jay hadn’t performed this task before but being an engineer, he thought it a good task to take to help spread the bridges to the world. A jig was made to hold the guitar in plate while a new channel could be routed. A scary thing to do once you put someone’s favorite guitar in the surgeon’s chair. Fortunately, everything came out a success and the intonation was improved on this guitar. The improvements were measured before and after the bridge was put on so we got a good view of the changes the bridge and saddle can make.


I can only fit 4 of the pictures in here for some reason. Check out the analysis of the intonation and a complete photo journal of the retrofit at Split Saddle Bridge Retrofit




seagull retrofit-01.jpg

seagull retrofit-02.jpg

seagull retrofit-03.jpg

seagull retrofit-04.jpg

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