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Alder Slabs needed


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Hello everyone,

I'm looking for some alder slabs/planks, preferably between 1.75" and 2.0". I'm customizing an old neck-through solid body guitar and I'm having trouble finding reasonably priced alder for this project. Anyone out there who can point me in the right direction? I'm in South Carolina btw.


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I just bought and chopped some 6.5 cubic metres of alder of various diameters for €180. There's some pieces I'm planning to get sawed to planks but it'll take several years until they're useful.

The sauna departments of hardware stores here sell even roasted alder for a reasonable price.

For what I've heard told as the actual reason is that e.g. Fender used alder just because it was easily and inexpensively available at the local sawmill. No "tonewood" at that time, alder just is easy to work. Check your local lumberyard or other "regular" wood vendors. Maybe http://www.tidewaterlumber.com/Lumber-s/8.htm

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