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The Trajic Love Life of Wally the Walnut Gnome....or Wally really needs a girlfriend.

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I know right? It's my own damn fault. I gave her a mouth and left her eyes for last. What a weapon I armed her with. I should have given her eyes and left her mouth for last. I was afraid of the

My son turned 35 last week Wow, that is kind of stunning to see in black and white. Annie got another Jason Isbell concert in the garage this weekend. He has said that his parents were not m

I think what you've described is how these things are both the difference and the relationship between sense and sensibility. Holography has the ability to have one's senses fed, manipulated and trick

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On 9/14/2020 at 2:40 AM, Norris said:

Well it gives the sprites somewhere to shelter from the rain :D

I missed this somehow.

The text I posted actually went the picture below......but you made great use of it.:lol:

And conjured up a thoroughly entertaining mental image.


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I feel like I've been working on Annie's footwear for a month.:huh:

Annie, says that is as should be. footwear are very important to female type creatures.

Wally hasn't picked up on that foible yet, he's been fascinated by the anatomy lesson: the foot bone is connected to the knee bone . The knee bone is connected to the ass bone. Wally doesn't seem to care what is connected to the ass bone.

Annie stood on her head so I could work on her footwear. She is willing to go that extra mile for shoes....


The girl appears to be seriously brown nosing someone.



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6 hours ago, ScottR said:

The girl appears to be seriously brown nosing someone

I've kept noticing the same and wondered if the darkening of certain areas is due to you keeping your hand there. You know, like "don't push your nose in the way of my gouge or you may get hurt." or "no peeking allowed!" Someone with a dirtier mindscape than mine might also think about sentences like "if you let me squeeze here, I'll make you a nice pair of footwear..."

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5 hours ago, Prostheta said:

Looks like the tannins in the Oak darkening. Not sure what they're reacting with though, as steel/iron is usually the cause.

That could be playing a part I suppose. It gets mighty sweaty in a garage in Houston this time of year. There might be some mineral content to go with the sodium I sweat out.

I think it is mostly skin oil from my hands and forearms soaking into the prominent areas and then regular old dirt being attracted to that. As I mentioned before the prominent ares do get used and handles and do come into contact with me as she gets twisted around so let me carve. Her boobs would be just as dark, but they'd had a few swipes with sandpaper now and then. I'll be cleaning her face up in the next few weeks.


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