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Trouble deciding on clear coat


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I’m working on my first build and I was planning on clear coating with spraymax 2k poly. But after doing more research I’m not sure I want to risk exposing myself to the Isocyanates. Has anyone used the solarez I can’t believe it’s not lacquer clear coat? How durable is it and is it beginner friendly? I’m looking for something that can get pretty high gloss and take a beating but won’t kill me or my neighbors if the wind blows towards them so the zero VOC aspect is pretty appealing.


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There's no such thing as a "safe" finish. If you read the Safety Data Sheets I bet each and every one of them is irritating, nauseous or even fatal if breathed or swallowed. Even skin contact may cause issues until dry. Thus whatever you choose read the SDS and protect yourself accordingly.

I've used 2k for a couple of builds in a dedicated spray booth with the wall size filter sucking most of the fumes. Even there a good particle mask is recommendable. For a small project like a guitar a mask and goggles and a jumpsuit should protect you enough if the ventilation is adequate and the time spent at the job is short.

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