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Wiring Diagram help

El Dangerouso

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My incompetence has backed me into a corner again....

Here's what I've got:

Cool Rails, Neck

Twang Banger, Middle

Duncan Custom, bridge

I want to use a toggle switch as a selector. All I want to do is select each pick-up individually. 1 Volume and 1 Tone knob. I also want to use a push/pull on the volume to turn the neck on and off. I guess my biggest hurdle is how to wire the toggle switch. On that, I'm totally at a loss.

Would appreciate any help. :D

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The wiring is no problem, but getting a Gibson-style toggle to do it is, unless you only want the toggle to select the bridge and middle, and use the DPDT pot to select the neck. If you want all three pickups on the toggle with the option of adding the neck to either of the other pickups, a Tele switch will work, but a standard Gibson won't. I don't know if anybody makes a Gibson-style toggle that will work - to be honest, it never occured to me. I'll see what I can find.

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Why dont you use a rotary selector switch. You can wire the three pickups onto three of the inputs and select each onto the output. If it has to be like a toggle switch turn the whole thing through 90 degrees and have a lever sticking out which you can move like a toggle.


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I really appreciate it. I was trying to avoid having to cut the slot for the tele switch, although I knew I could get that to work. I did get stew-macs #1228 toggle (looks like a standard toggle, but is really a DPDT on/on/on switch; supposedly the one they use for the three p/u LPs and SGs) because I knew the standard toggle wouldn't work. However, the wiring setup for these included with the switch gave you bridge, bridge+middle, and neck. The end state I was looking for was to be able to select each p/u individually because I wanted to use the middle to act as almost a second bridge (to play Albert Lee type stuff), but not have to sacrifice being able to do the neck/bridge combo (thus the push/pull), with the clean look of two knobs and one toggle. I guess I could always go with the rotary or three minis, but sure would like to stay with the toggle.

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The best diagram I can find is hereThree way toggle for three pickup. It is a leaf switch just like the regular toggle, but has two more contacts added to the outside.

I think this combo will work, tell me if I'm wrong:

Bridge hot to 1

Middle hot to 3

Neck hot to 6

Jumper from 2 to 4

Hot output to jack on 5

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