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Truss Rod -vs- Carbon Reinforcement?

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Hinder to a certain extent, yes, if you know exactly how the wood and the carbon fibre would react to a certain set of strings. However, each of the materials are dependent on that very piece or set. Wood is the biggest question mark as you never know how that very piece will behave. Strings can also have different tension properties despite being the same gauge, just think about a round v.s. a hex core. 

What if

  • you'd like to try heavier gauge strings?
  • you'd like to try lighter gauge strings?
  • you find out that the gauge you prefer causes rattle on the frets?
  • you find out that the gauge you prefer gives you too high of an action?

A dual action rod in combination with carbon fibre reinforcements will allow for the necessary adjustments.

There's cases where the carbon rods are enough, like in the case when a fellow restored a 50*s acoustic with a tired solid wood neck. For a new electric guitar some adjustment is recommendable.

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