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custom made gig bags?

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Morning! I'm not sure to be honest, or at least not gig bag makers. I'd suspect that taking a standard gig bag and asking somebody who is good at making clothes, upholstery/furnishing coverings might be a good start. They can examine the gig bag, then translate that to what you want made custom and obey a ticklist you provide, such as padding here/there, handle balance, zipper length/placement, etc. Chances are you would pay the same as any actual custom gig bag maker, but have immediate hands-on discussions about your needs. It's a very uncommon question, since usually people make hard cases for unusual instruments rather than gig bags, but sure. I'd love to hear myself if you find somebody that does this specifically, or you find another solution!

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good idea Prosthetha, I have a sail maker in my town, they probably can make a custom gigbag as well if they have a nice example to work from. I might want to have some custom made gigbags as well in the future for guitars I'm selling.


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if you find someone... def report back.  I'm intrigued.  Never even thought of it.  Wouldn't be that hard to even do with some foam, a zipper, some cloth and a sewing machine.  then again, you can get some pretty nice one's for $50.  def let us know what you find!

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