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EMG HSS, 5 way switch with SPC


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Hi, I have a friend of mine electric guitar HSS with SPC, 5 way switch and 1 tone, 1 volume. The electronics is EMG solderless, the humbucker is a 85 but he wants to change it for a 89 (dual with the possibility of switch between humbucker or single). The tone control has a push pull with the SPC (strat presence control). The idea is to change the volume pot for another push pull one in order to select between single or humbucker. Does anyone think it is possible and any idea about how to do it? Thanks in advance!!!

Accoding to the EMG instructions, the 89 has 3 conectors and goes to the volume push pull, but I don't know how to connect the volume pot with the rest of the circuit. This pick up has also a red connector. No much experience with EMG electronics...Any idea will be wellcome.


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The diagram provided in the EMG instructions shows how it's done with a 3-way switch (diagram 10, page 4). Diagram 4 on page 2 also shows the basic wiring layout of the volume pot when required to be configured as a master volume with the push-pul coil selection on the 89, which is what you need in your case.

It should be relatively straightforward to use this as a basis to adapt to a 5-way switch installation.

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