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My guitar should be done soon....

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Thats right, the body will be cut out tommorow, the neck should be almost be shaped and fret board should be getting glued on in a couple of days, then i am purchasing the humbuckers from a friend, hopefully, that come with a wah pedal! haha, the pots and knobs will be the last thing, the bridge i shouldnt have a problem getting from my local guitar store, might be a little pricey, ohh well, it will be well worth it, ohh, before i forget, i am using maple fretbaord and a black cherry neck, hopefully black cherry, thats what i hope my neighbour has....

Wish me luck, might be playin it in a matter of 2 weeks! i get 1 hour and 10 min of class time, and then i stay in at lunch for another half hour, s thats alot of time spent on working!


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can't wait to see it man... after all the hardwork... you deserved it... i'm also finishing my neck this week while waiting for the body to be properly glued up together... it will have a three piece body which i will do either, a solid colour or material finish on mine...

can anyone told me how to post the pics? i have some but i don't have any website to link it... anyone?

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