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Anyone used lacewood?

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I currently have a very nice bookmatched brazilian lacewood top here and want to use it for one of my next projects. I am just interested what kind of expiriences you made with that wood in order to decide if is better suited for a 6 or a 7 string guitar. I guess it will be fine for a 7 string as it seems very similar to maple to me and maple has great highs which are important to get the low H string of a 7 string to sound punchy and defined and not muddy. Any infos?



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I found this at thewoodbox.com:


It has good workability but a reduced cutting angle, may help, when planing. The rays, on quartersawn lacewood may tend to tear out. Use sharp cutters and a reduced angle of about 20 degrees.

A wide belt sander works even better, but most of us do not have access to such a beast. I'm told it has good bending properties.

I'm thinking of using a lacewood top for my next guitar. Looks exotic at a pretty resonable price.


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