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Material Finish

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Hey I'm gonna do a jackson body with a material finish and I was wondering, how do I prep the body? I'm stripping a black finish off with a power sander, do I need to sand and seal before applying the glue? Also does it matter what the material is made of? I want to use Camo material to make it look bad-arse. Thanks for your help

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No need to prep the wood other then making sure it's flat n smooth after you take the finish off. I usually stick with 60 grit so there is a slight bit of roughness for the glue to grab onto.

Any material will do, some of the thinner one's (like silk and rayon) tend to be a pain to work with and of course the thicker one's usually have no strech for the contours and are harder to smooth out with the clear coats since they have a heavier texture.

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