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Looking for a body template

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I know this is probably a really cheeky thing to ask, but I am looking for a paper template (or similar) of an Ibanez PGM series. Just a piece of paper with the outline drawn on and maybe even the positions of the pickups etc, or measurements as to where the pickups go.

I need this for a project guitar that I intend to build from scratch, and I only have an RG.

If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Guest AlexVDL

if you have an RG with at least 2 humbuckers you should be able to trace the contour and the pickup placement to get the PGM shape. The jem and pgm etc have the same shape as the RG body even the 7 string Ibanez :D


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On my first project, I found a pic with the body shape and pups that I wanted on a website. Then I saved the image and opened in paint. After that, I inverted the colors to get more of an outline of the pic. I enlarged the pic enough to fit on 1 piece of paper then I enlarged it on the copier at work. I measured the pups on my strat so I knew when I'd enlarged the pic enough. I took the inverted, enlarged pic and cut it out and it made a great template to xfer to a 1/4" piece of acrylic that I bought at an art supply shop.

Hope this helps Paulie! :D

BTW...If your printer or copier can't print the whole pic in 1 pass you can just print out top & bottom or left & right and just line up the pieces and tape them together.

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