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Odd Strat Build Wiring


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I'm wiring up a strat type guitar that a friend built and have run into a wiring configuration that I can't find a diagram for. I thought I could just build from my working knowledge, but I apparently can't. The build is 2 pickups: a single coil in the neck and a splittable humbucker in the bridge. There are two pots: a normal volume pot, and a push pull tone pot. He wants the tone to split the humbucker when it's pulled out. So far all I've managed to do is turn the tone pot into a second master volume, and the push pull doesn't seem to do anything. Help would be greatly appreciated, especially in the form of a diagram.


Thanks in advance,



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That should get you close.


  • The push/pull switch component is shown on the volume pot, but it should just be a simple case of moving this "block" to the back of the tone pot.
  • Wiring colours shown on the humbucker are for a Seymour Duncan pickup. If using a pickup with a different wiring standard you'll have to adapt accordingly.
  • The diagram assumes you're installing it in a Telecaster using the traditional Tele-style 3-way switch. If you're using a different kind of pickup selector (Gibson toggle, mini toggle, rotary switch etc) there will be some wiring transposition involved.
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