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Need Help With Wiring


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Hi All,


I acquired a vintage hollow body single foil pick up guitar that doesn't work. I removed the controls plate and saw that two wires were disconnected. I took some closeup photos of the wiring and am hoping someone can tell me where these wires go. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks Gitz


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You'd have to try and inspect inside the cavity to see where that green wire goes. It could be a ground wire for the bridge, in which case it could be re-soldered to the back of the pot on the left.

I think there's more wrong with the wiring than just those two wires hanging out though. The pot on the right isn't doing anything as it isn't connected to any part of the circuit other than ground - could this be a tone pot perhaps? The left-most pot (maybe volume?) is missing a termination on the lefthand lug. The output jack has nothing attached to it other than ground.

You could potentially terminate the free end of that red wire directly to the left hand lug on the output jack and you might get sound from the pickup, but the neither of the pots would do anything without making further repairs/changes to the wiring that's currently there.

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Curtisa, Thanks for your response. I thought the wiring did look a little suspect.  ]'ve attached a basic wiring diagram for a single pickup with volume and tone pots. Would this be the correct wiring for the guitar I have? Thanks for your help.


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Without knowing the true nature of the pickup on your guitar, I'd say it's probably correct enough to make it work.

Some investigation on your part is still required to work out what that green wire is doing but as I mentioned before, if my suspicion is correct it's probably a stray bridge ground that needs to be added to the back of one of your pots

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