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Zero fret/neck angle

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I am currently working on a solid guitar project (recently posted in Build section) , and I am considering installing zero fret. It is gonna be 24.75" scale, 16th fret to the body , 22 frets.

Gibson neck angle is around 4% give it or take, so my question is, .... is zero fret gonna (significantly) change the angle, if at all? The guitar top is flat, instead of creating angle on the top and neck pocket, I am  gonna do it on the bottom of the neck.

Anybody done anything similar or experimented with zero frets?

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The use of a zero fret shouldn't change the neck angle requirements of your build. The height of the strings at the nut with the use of a zero fret should be nearly identical to that of a well cut nut.

The requirement for neck angle is entirely goverened by the height of the bridge, which you compensate for by either recessing the bridge into the face of the guitar, raising the neck up to bring the fretboard closer to the strings, or introducing negative neck angle to bring the strings closer to the fretboard.

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