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Is a channel for the nut actually necessary


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Not talking about but slots but the actual channel that the nut sots in. I’m almost done with my first guitar and I realized that because of the size of the frets and thickness of the fretboard, I don’t have much room to cut a channel to put the nut in. It’s a Gibson style nut from graph tech. I’m worried if I cut a channel in the headstock at the end of the fingerboard, the action at the nut will be too low. Do you think I can get away with just gluing the nut onto the headstock right up against the end of the fretboard? Or would it not be secure enough without some wood on the other side to hold it in place?

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For a Gibson style nut, no; it's not necessary to have the nut captured in a channel. A dab of PVA is usually all that is required to get it to stay put, Combined with the wide base of the nut and the permanent downwards pressure of the strings it should be sufficient to keep it in place.

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